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Industrial Equipment

Customized Power Solutions: Advanced-Technology Motive Power


You will get with Hy-Tek Material Handling the most advanced solutions in industrial truck electric power, reducing your cost of operations, extending the life of your power equipment, optimizing manpower resources, and helping you meet your environmental and sustainability objectives. We have the expertise and tools to evaluate the power consumption demands that your operation places on powered industrial trucks so that we can recommend the most effective solution for you. You will benefit from the products, systems, service and support with customized solutions to address your specific motive power needs.

For more demanding or multiple shift operations, Hy-Tek has the ability to identify, with data driven analysis, the specific solution to your operation. For financial and safety reasons, a zero battery change solution may be desirable. We can evaluate your application to determine if opportunity or fast-charging is the better solution for you, and if they are not the right solution, we can design a safe and productive battery handling system for you. We can even help you to determine if your internal combustion lift trucks can be effectively replaced by electric lift trucks with a handy ROI tool to help evaluate the conversion decision.

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Product and service offerings from Hy-Tek to support your motive power needs include:

  • Flat plate industrial batteries
  • Tubular plate industrial batteries
  • Water-less batteries
  • Maintenance-free (sealed) batteries
  • Fast charge batteries
  • Conventional chargers
  • Opportunity chargers
  • Fast chargers
  • Battery room design
  • Battery and charger stands and stations
  • Battery extractors
  • Battery washing equipment
  • Battery carts & carriages
  • Gantry cranes, hoists and trolleys
  • Safety equipment
  • Battery managements systems of the proper charging and rotation of the battery fleet


Industrial Battery Repair Service and Planned Maintenance

To help you maintain your power servicing equipment, Hy-Tek can also assist with in-plant analysis and inspection of batteries, chargers and systems. Rely on our HAZMATand DOT-certified technicians to perform expert maintenance and repair on even the most sophisticated forklift battery and charging equipment. We provide 24/7 emergency service plus PM’s to assure top performance and equipment longevity. Hy-Tek offers you:

  • Complete maintenance and repair with 24/7 emergency service
  • Large parts inventory
  • Forklift battery restoration
  • Planned maintenance for batteries and chargers
  • Rentals, long-term leasing and financing
  • Factory-trained service technicians
  • Battery room design

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Hy-Tek Material Handling offers you the most advanced battery design and performance combined with the charging technology to effectively and efficiently power your fleet.