Industrial Equipment

We are your single best resource in Central Ohio

Hy-Tek is your full-service resource–with the emphasis on service.

Hy-Tek has been providing industrial equipment solutions since 1963.  For applications from the warehouse to the most demanding industrial environment, we can select from over 100 different models of forklifts and other industrial truck equipment supplied by today’s leading manufacturers. Need a burden carrier, aerial work platform or lift truck?  Hy-Tek is your source for all of your equipment needs.

Even the best material handling equipment is only part of the productivity equation. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency service, batteries, chargers and tires, and over 6,500 parts on-site for your repair and maintenance needs.

Used Equipment

The Best Quality & Selection

Need a quality used forklift, aerial lift, reach truck or manlift? Hy-Tek offers you a wide selection of industrial trucks in our multi-million dollar used equipment inventory. We have a range of rental retirements and previously-owned industrial equipment in good condition. Our inventory includes every class of lift truck plus many attachments. And if you need a quality used part, Hy-Tek continually surveys the used equipment markets–we have the best resources to meet your material handling needs.

You can select from As-Is, or Reconditioned equipment for your application and budget requirements. Warrantees, financing and deliveries are also available for Hy-Tek material handling equipment.



Field Service

Day, night, weekend or holiday – Hy-Tek is always here to put your mobile equipment back into service.  With our service vehicles on the road 24/7 providing forklift service in Ohio, our highly trained, experienced technicians will respond quickly to your afterhours request.

Hy-Tek service vehicles carry a full complement of parts plus computer diagnostic equipment. This means we can provide emergency service on any make or model of forklift, and on many other types of industrial vehicles, whether it’s an aerial lift or a utility vehicle. You can also rely on Hy-Tek for the largest local base of Yale certified technicians.

Planned Maintenance

Hy-Tek also offers Planned Maintenance service for all kinds of mobile equipment. Our professionals follow manufacturers’ PM guidelines to assure your lift trucks and other industrial vehicles are properly maintained for optimum performance over the life of your industrial truck.

Shop Service

Our certified technicians are not only experts in industrial equipment maintenance and repair, they have the latest parts, tools and computer-diagnostic equipment to perform all types of major and minor repairs.  Hy-Tek will service and maintain any make, model or year of industrial truck.

When your equipment arrives at our shop, we will perform a comprehensive inspection to provide you with a full report and ensure your complete satisfaction while your equipment is in for repair.

Hy-Tek 200 Point Inspection

The Hy-Tek 200-Point Inspection delivers a detailed report covering:

  • Needed repairs
  • Safety issues
  • Recommended maintenance for vehicle longevity

Hy-Tek offers you expert service on all types of lift trucks, construction equipment, utility vehicles, aerial lift equipment, and more.

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Fast Access To The Parts You Need

Hy-Tek’s focus is to get you the right part—right when you need it.  We have over 6,500 parts available on site for your repair and maintenance needs—delivered the same day free anywhere in Central Ohio. Plus, we have 24-hour availability from a $40 million dollar parts inventory with 24-hour turnaround or the freight is free. Hy-Tek also offers quality rebuilt and remanufactured forklift parts, which not only helps lower costs, but are a good way to reuse materials and help save natural resources.

Innovative Approach To Parts Management

Hy-Tek has several unique programs that help you manage your forklift parts and your budget. We can develop a consignment parts program for your mobile equipment fleet to maintain an inventory of parts at your location. What’s more, you’ll only pay for these parts when you use them. And ask us about our free Parts Analysis—let us show you how to systematize and reduce your forklift parts expenditures.

Online Parts Ordering System

Did you know you can also get parts direct through Hy-Tek’s Online Parts Ordering System? This unique system provides forklift parts diagrams, lift truck schematics—all the tools you need to locate and order forklift parts online. You can also select which parts depot you want to ship from to help control freight costs. We offer you parts for all makes, models and years.  The Hy-Tek parts department all offers the following services:

  • Free delivery in Central Ohio from our dealer-managed inventory
  • Same-day delivery on in-stock parts when ordered by noon
  • Rebuilt and remanufactured forklift parts
  • Consignment parts inventory at your site
  • Free Parts Analysis to reduce operating costs
  • Tires For All Mobile Equipment Applications


Short And Long-Term Rentals

You’ll find every class of forklift in our large rental equipment fleet, and we offer you the newest mobile equipment anywhere in Central Ohio. You’re sure to get the exact lift truck and the right attachment for your job. Hy-Tek can also supply you with rentals on manlifts, aerial lift equipment, utility vehicles, plus reach trucks and specialty trucks, such as Combi-Lifts.

  • Rent by the day, week or month
  • Long-term rental options
  • Financing available

For more information, contact us via Phone at 866-856-7212 or E-mail at

Fleet Optimization

  • Yale Vision wireless asset management

    Yale Productivity

    Yale Materials Handling Corporation success is predicated on Yale® Dealers, who provide the people, products and productivity solutions that optimize fleet performance even in the most demanding applications. Benefiting from over 90 years of experience and leadership in lift truck design and manufacturing, Yale® lift trucks boast top-of-the-line industrial grade critical components, superior ergonomics, Yale Vision wireless asset management technology and outstanding ROI. So, when you require precision levels of efficiency and productivity from your gas, LP-gas, diesel, electric or alternative fuel lift truck, Yale® Dealers have the complete solution. Download the brochure


  • Manage cost, optimize productivity and protect your assets

    Yale Vision wireless asset management – Take your fleet operation to the next level with wireless asset management from Yale. Yale Vision provides true wireless fleet management, can drive fleet efficiency, improves operator performance, reduces your carbon footprint and lowers your overall material handling costs.

    Learn More >>

    Web-based asset management, from anywhere at any time

    Convenient web-based access, and your choice of three levels of management Access the Yale Vision portal via desktop, laptop or tablet – anywhere you have an internet connection – and you’ll see every truck in your fleet that’s been equipped with the compact and rugged telemetry module.

    Learn more >> 

    It’s about the technology – plus the team

    Data is great, but your Yale® Dealer will make it work for you Yale Vision is a great addition to your management toolkit. But when you partner with your Yale® Dealer, you get the best of both worlds – great fleet data plus the unmatched knowledge and experience that can help you get the most out of every truck in your fleet.

    Learn more >>

Power Solutions

Advanced-Technology Motive Power

Hy-Tek supplies you with the latest technology in industrial truck electric power. We can specify batteries for all mobile equipment applications including those in harsh environments. You’ll find today’s industrial batteries give you improved running time and reduced maintenance over the life of the battery.

Equally important, Hy-Tek provides you with fast-charge technologies to keep you running productively. We offer high-frequency, SCR and ferroresonant charging options with a full range of rating and control designs to match your forklift battery application.

Forklift Battery Service And Planned Maintenance

Rely on our HAZMATand DOT-certified technicians to perform expert maintenance and repair on even the most sophisticated forklift battery and charging equipment. We provide 24/7 emergency service plus PM’s to assure top performance and equipment longevity. Hy-Tek offers you:

  • New and used batteries and chargers
  • Complete maintenance and repair with 24/7 emergency service
  • Large parts inventory
  • Forklift battery restoration
  • Planned maintenance for batteries and chargers
  • Rentals and long-term leasing
  • Factory-trained service technicians

Battery Handling And Charging Stations

Hy-Tek motive power professionals can design and install battery rooms, charging stations, overhead cranes–virtually any power-related operation you require to service your lift truck fleet.  Look to Hy-Tek for equipment and installation of:

  • Battery & charger stands and stations
  • Battery extractors
  • Battery washing equipment
  • Battery carts & carriages
  • Gantry cranes, hoists and trolleys

To help you maintain your power servicing equipment, Hy-Tek can also assist with in-plant analysis and inspection of batteries, chargers and systems.


Operator Safety And Technical Training

Hy-Tek provides professional operator training services to help you meet OSHA requirements. We have a range of operator safety programs, from general safety classes to operator safety and train-the-trainer courses. Classes can be conducted at your site or in our training facilities. Operator certifications are kept on file at our offices. Hy-Tek can also develop custom courses based on your company’s specific needs.

Course Offerings

General Safety Training

1-Day Course. Covers general safety issues surrounding mobile equipment use and the worksite.

Operator Safety Training – Forklifts

1-Day Course. Forklift operators receive both classroom and obstacle course training on the type of lift truck they operate.

Operator Safety Training – Aerial Work Platforms

1-Day Course. Aerial lift operators receive both classroom and obstacle course training on the type of equipment they operate.


2-Day Course on Lift Trucks with Optional 3rd Day on Aerial Lifts. Covers OSHA requirements, training techniques and more.

Re-Evaluation Course

Partial Day at Your Facility. Ideal for certified operators due for OSHA required 3-year re-evaluation. Approximately 45 minutes of classroom training followed by hands-on evaluation.