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Positive Return On Your Investment

Controlling energy costs is key to bottom line profitability. At Hy-Tek, our lighting professionals will guide you through the process of reducing your energy consumption. Additionally, we will walk you through the various commercial and warehouse lighting rebate programs and compliance issues.

We employ the latest energy-saving lighting technologies and fixtures to provide immediate benefits to your company. Starting with a lighting audit of your facility, we will demonstrate the many advantages you will receive. The average lighting solution offers you:

  • 50% more light
  • 50% lower energy consumption
  • 80% longer lamp life
  • 50% lower replacement lamp cost
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Instant on/off
  • Possible Local Utility Power Rebates
  • Possible Federal Tax Deduction

Depending upon your commercial or industrial lighting needs, we may specify technologies from compact fluorescent to solid-state LED lighting. We may also recommend lighting control management technologies for low traffic areas to further reduce energy consumption. When it comes to warehouse lighting installation, Hy-Tek professionals will remove and recycle old materials and complete your new industrial lighting system promptly with minimal interruption to your work flow.

Savings Examples

Here are the types of savings you can achieve with the installation of an energy-efficient warehouse lighting system using either new fluorescent fixtures or LED lighting.

Energy Savings
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A Positive Effect On The Environment

In considering a new lighting solution, you’ll also want to weigh the importance of the environmental impact. The average new industrial lighting system that replaces traditional 1000 Watt HID lamps with T8 6-lamp fluorescents helps decrease air pollution and environmental damage every year:

Example Of Reduction Of Pollutants When Replacing Average 1000 Watt HID System With T8 6-Lamp Fluorescents:

  • 2,937,336 Pounds of Carbon Dioxide
  • 2,895,561 Grams of Sulfur Dioxide
  • 11,357,701 Grams of Nitrogen Oxide

By Removing The Example Quantities Of Pollutants, New Lighting Can Have The Same Affect On The Environment As If You:

  • Planted 359 Acres of Trees
  • Removed 277 Autos from the Road Each Year
  • Saved 178,020 Gallons of Gas Each Year

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