Narrow Aisle & Very Narrow Forklifts

Industrial Equipment

Solutions For Maneuvering In Narrow Spaces

For high-density, high-bay storage applications, Hy-Tek provides a range of orderpickers, reach trucks, turret and swingmast lift truck options. In addition to quality Yale lift trucks, we carry other specialty vehicles to complete our Narrow Aisle product offering. Our highly-trained Hy-Tek specialists will specify the best industrial equipment for any narrow aisle site, layout or application.

Yale Warehouse Simulator

A complete simulation engine modeling your warehouse.

  • Increase visibility to the flow of your operation
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Tailor your fleet size for optimal productivity and minimum investment

Narrow Aisle Reach Trucks

Fast and efficient product handling.

  • Flexible configurations to fit your application demands
  • Designed for operator comfort and productivity
  • 37′ lift height capabilities
  • Hi-Vis mast for unsurpassed visibility
  • Available laser level, shelf-height selector and camera to speed retrieval and put-away

Man-Up Very Narrow Aisle Turret Trucks

For today’s high velocity warehouse.

  • 180 degree rotating turret head
  • Faster acceleration and travel speeds
  • Faster lift and lowering speeds
  • Smooth hydraulic performance
  • Up to 55.5′ lift height capabilities

Man-Down Very Narrow Aisle Turret Truck

  • Maximize your dead end very narrow aisle storage
  • Storage density capabilities of a man-up turret series in a sit-down electric counterbalanced unit
  • Work both sides of a 60″ wide aisle to create more usable storage space for your operation

Narrow Aisle Order Selector Trucks

The high density solution.

  • Designed for pallet or case picking
  • Regenerative braking for extended operation cycle
  • Auto-deceleration system for smoother stopping
  • Optimized positioning and comfort for a wide range of operators

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