Systems Integration

Hy-Tek Helps You Meet Your Business Goals

Hy-Tek Integrated Systems will give you control over the numerous functions associated with the movement and storage of materials. By combining powerful equipment solutions with advanced technologies you’ll realize benefits including:

  • Improved return on your assets
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Improved productivity
  • Greater customer satisfaction

Our systems integration team has extensive experience developing solutions that include conveyor and storage systems, carousels, pick-to-light, AS/RS and WCS interface to WMS. To achieve high levels of accuracy, we can also develop integrated systems using automated picking technologies such as pick-to-light, RF scanners and more. Systems can include pick modules to process a broad diversity of products and order types through multi-level work platforms. Hy-Tek can design a custom solution using either full case pick or split case pick modules to meet high throughput requirements.

Hy-Tek has provided integrated systems in industries as diverse as retail, food, automotive, electronics and direct order fulfillment. We offer you the advantage of a dedicated project engineering team along with a staff of specialists in project management, system implementation and integration. Whether you need a warehouse storage retrofit—or a turn-key integrated system for a new facility—you can rely on the professionals at Hy-Tek.

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